• 2022 Individual Tax Engagement Letter

    2022 Individual Tax Questionnaire

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    Now more than ever it is critical that we file complete and accurate returns with the IRS. As of September, 2022 the IRS still had over 12 million unprocessed returns. Methods we’ve used in the past to resolve issues, including calling the IRS Practitioner Priority Hotline (available to tax preparers), are no longer reliable. Omissions or errors on your 2022 return may cause automated IRS correspondence, and resolving these issues will take significant time, patience, and cost. There are a few steps you can take to help ensure the accuracy of your tax return:

    1. Carefully review the questionnaire and answer the questions as thoroughly as possible.
    2. Take extra time to ensure you are submitting all the tax documents you received for 2022.
    3. Consider setting up an online account with the IRS. While a bit of work initially, this online account will allow you to view important tax records, payments and credits.


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